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May 10, 2009
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Hi,wondered if i could get advice on how long i should feed new bees ?We put a five frame nuc in the main hive andit has been in there for three days .We had a blip with first feed leaking and put new feed on .should we look tonight to see if the bees need more or leave alone?also a few bees crawling about on the floor looking not well ,.although the rest of bees look to be very busy . We have omf and on floor underneath is lots of yellow bits is this just normal waste?sorry about so many questions all at once.
Can you take a pic ?
The yellow bits sound like cappings.

Edit; I said feed but was thinking of a hived swarm not a Nuc,Finman is correct below.
The ´5 frame hive should have alltogether one comb full of food for bad days. It is about one week food.

Feeding more is bad because it fills laying space and even small nuc will swarm. You have in Britain summer and bees should get food from nature.

Feeding foundation colony/ swarm & foundations is different thing.

As far as I understand your situation, stop feeding.

And to me basic rule is that don´t feed bees in summer. (unless it is not empty of honey)

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Thanks for replies, had a very quick look and bees dont seem to have taken much food feeder still pretty full.didnt have access to a camara tonight so cant take a picture .only took the crown board off and bees very very quiet.Still abit concerned about some of the bees dieing .
Bees die off every day. Chill out.

If they are not clearing the feed ask yourself do they need it?

I had feed on five packages and a good half of it is still there as they are on rape and as that has flowed and the feed is weak, so they are working the rape in preference.

Your bees will in all probability be fine, and frankly there is no point in worrying about every dead bee you see.

Thanks ,i think i need to take a chill pill :)
Once you start to manipulate your bee's you will find you will soon learn to chill out ;)

My wife often say's "Go and play with your bee's and chill".
My wife often say's "Go and play with your bee's and chill".

My wife says something similar .....

If you are taking off the crownboard then you are letting the heat escape and disturbing the bees. I know cause I kept wanting to look at what they were up to. I have just recently bought a glass quilt which is basically a crownboard in glass with a feed hole in the middle. You can also get them in polycarbonate which might be better. Its great, cause you can peep in and see what they are up to and they don't bother at all cause they are still closed up.
Hi, i asked a question about a week ago about dead bees around the new hive.I have been away for four days and on inspection on return have find about 40 dead bees under the hive, so i am concerned.Could not open up the hive as it was so cold and wet tonight.What do you suggest i do?Bees were active earlier today.
Those yellow bits - are they the size of bee larvae? If so they may be chalkbrood-infected larvae being thrown out by the bees. Very common and not too damaging for the colony.

Not really sure,may be.It was all the dead bees i was worried about.Have not been able to inspect the frames since they were put in the hive to see if everything is alright inside.{bad weather and not being here the last four days}would it do more harm than good if i looked if weather still bad tomorrow?
back to feeding - I collected a five frame nuc a week ago and was told to feed for at least 3/4 weeks. On my first inspection yesterday, the bees had already drawn out almost four of the six new foundations. There was plenty of food stored, should I stop feeding?
thanks for that advice - I will continue. The bees are taking all the feed I give them ... 1/2 gallon every two/three days!
... I was just worried the queen would run out of space to lay if too much foundation is filled with stores.
... I was just worried the queen would run out of space to lay if too much foundation is filled with stores.

Don't worry about it. Hive will swarm and look for place where they have more room to grow.

BUT if you want to keep yoor bees, stop feeding at once and take extra food combs off. It is summer in Britain.
Bees should get food from nature.

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