Feeding & trickling during the freeze?

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Aug 27, 2009
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What's everyone's opinion on opening the bees during the freeze to give fondant? And what about an oxalic acid trickle? Presumably the queen goes on hold during such cold weather? I fed well in the Autumn, but am wondering if they've got enough - they're buzzing very loudly: keeping warm and using up their stores?

I do not open if the bees are not flying at all. Why lose precious heat. Oxalic- better when the bees are moving over the comb to ensure better spread of the treatment. If you spray clustered bees then they are just wet clustered bees.
feeding and trickling

Hi Andrew,
we fed ours well but because they were very active until late into november.
When we did the acid they all were very light on stores so be aware of this no food no bees,
I did my OA at minus 2'c and they still seemed very active, you dont say what your location is but for the majority of the UK the 'freeze' is coming to an end now....there are several other threads on here about treating/feeding during these cold times.

Note that as it warms up in the next few days the queen will be stimulated to start laying so OA treatment should be done asap (I believe).

If I had frames full of stores on a hive I would leave feeding for now, if in doubt slap some fondant on :)
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Hi Andrew,

Just back in from applying my Trickle 1. First time it has been up to a "warm" +2c in about 10 days of frost and snow. Several bees were out and about this afternoon, so I got on with the OA treatment. Not a job for freezing weather.

Stores wise, the hive is still quite heavy when hefted, so I did not add any fondant. However, there was a lot of fresh wax cappings on the inspection board so the bees are working their way through the stores. I've made up 5lbs of fondant, so its ready when needed, as I'll keep checking to see if the hive feels light.