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Jan 22, 2009
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Newton Abbot Devon
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My two new hives appear to be doing well. I have stopped feeding now. What do others do regarding the feed holes? My crown board has two feed holes. Do i cover the or leave them open?
new bee question ;) wot type of mesh poly hive ?
I have noticed where I have a crown board with bee space above and below and a flat roof, that I have lots of bees under the crown board and only a few above around the central feeder hole.

I'll block it with a bit of mesh as recommended PH and see if they decide to propolise it or not. It can't hurt by understanding for sure. Thanks. :)
Green house shading mesh, metal mesh what eer you have to hand really.

Then observe as I say and let us know please the result.

I used to have a travel screen, ie 90% mesh across a National that I used to illustrate my point when lecturing.

Glass will not help this experiment. To learn from it use mesh please.

Glass will not help this experiment. To learn from it use mesh please.

so what is wrong with glass? bees will only propolise up the mesh, so save them the hassle and put something solid over the hole
Correct Tony,piece of glass,slate,wood,bee's do not like open tops,thats why they propolise it. I have some that hate full open entrances as well,they have curtains of propolis all along the entrance with holes in it where they want them,think it stems from there Russian ancestors.