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Nov 10, 2008
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Anyone know where to get some easy to peel off labels for me to print my own labels?
Check the specifications of any adhesive with a test batch as the glues can vary considerably. The descriptions may not be misleading to those in the industry, but may be to an 'outsider'. For example, you can get a 'semi permanent label' that may seem to fit the bill at first glance, but what it means is that you can move the label around within the first couple of days, and then as the glue cures, it becomes permanent. Different manufacturers sometimes use differing terminology.

The tamper label should have a permanent glue, otherwise the tamper evidence can be defeated negating the point of putting one on in the first place.

I have dealt with the labelling at my works for over ten years and it causes no end of headaches. I have access to professional labelling machines to create my own, but I will be buying on-line from an established supplier for now.

It is finding a label of the correct size which I find is the problem. Thornes labels for 1 lb jars are 80mm wide by 51 mm deep with round corners. I can't find any of the normal label suppliers who sell anything like this size. Has anyone found a suitable supplier?
Not tried them but have asked for a sample.
Not tried them but have asked for a sample.

10/10 - I do like this appoach to life, I did the same when I got the wife!
Amazingly, I also found the same company this morning and they are sending me a sample too! They do a 75 * 50 label which would be fine for one pound jars, the Thornes ones are 80 * 51, and a 63 * 46 which is exactly the same size as the Thornes half pound labels. Both have round corners and are available in high gloss white as well as various other finshes. The high gloss only works on laser printers but should make a better label. As has been pointed out before, poor quality labels will be a bad investment if you are planning to sell your honey.

Just need some free artwork now.
Anyone know where to get some easy to peel off labels for me to print my own labels?

forgot to ask, why peel off ones?

reusing jars?
Yes I have had loads of empty jars returned
For recycling jars, WD40 is an excellent adhesive remover. Then wash them of course.

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Thanks but I am looking for an easier option than scrubbing the labels off. :cheers2:
Thanks but as in the thread title I am looking for labels that you can peel off without having to use various chemicals to remove the sticky residue :cheers2:
Thanks but I am looking for an easier option than scrubbing the labels off. :cheers2:

angle grinder

Plain paper labels with a starch (flour & water) based adhesive?
Dear Veg me thinks you seek the Grail of labels and have as much chance of success.

Accept the issue exists and soak the jars, use a green pad to remove the worst, spray with WD40 and leave for a few minutes and the whole matter is resolved. Then wash.

Dishwasher will bake the glue so not the best way forward.

I've just received my samples and tested them on my inkjet printer -

High Gloss - don't work - ink runs

Semi Gloss - didn't arrive - phoned them and they are re-sending

Matt - excellent quality printing of an photo - I will be happy with this quality of labels :)

Yours Roy
Got my peelable label sample as well have stuck them to a few jars will leave for a few days to see how they work. :cheers2:

make sure they are for your type of printer ie laser or inkjet.

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