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Drone Bee
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May 12, 2009
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North Wilts
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Hi Guys

I read the Deformed Wing Virus thread last night.

I inspected one of my hives a short while ago and noticed the workers were throwing drones out of the hive.

I picked up a couple of drones from the grass and had a good look. The wings did not look crumpled, but they were different lengths and looked as if they had been clipped and I spotted a varroa mite on one of the drones.

Imediately DWV sprung to mind and I removed the drone comb.

However, whilst driving back in the car I was thinking how low the food stocks were and thinking about driving back with some syrup to help them along when I thought the Drones may not have DWV, but the wings are torn due to the workers ejecting the drones BECAUSE there is not enough stores.


I would give them a 1:1 feed with some Thymol added.

That would be 2 birds with one stone,hunger + Verroa.
I would give them a 1:1 feed with some Thymol added.

That would be 2 birds with one stone,hunger + Verroa.

I've never read anything published that shows feeding thymol syrup gets shot of varroa
if thymol is an option... how much do i use?
Admin, probably been asked a million times before but where do you source your Thymol?
I purchased mine in bulk but Thornes sell them at £5 for 100g or about £19 for 500g
MBC for you.......lots more links to research on eo's but have will put more on for you later.


And a very old one..............
Thanks Hivemaker
Still no evidence feeding syrup with thymol gets shot of varroa effectively but I'm open minded and will give it a go - the paper on thymol vs. fumadil to prevent nosema problems was convincing so its probably a good idea to feed thymolated syrup in the autumn anyway, where can I get lechitin?
where can I get lechitin?

Health food shops, cookery shops, about 2 1/2 million hits on google, so must either be an outlet near you or mail order.

Regards, RAB
There is a company on Fleabay that do lecithin at a good price,I have used them before.

Username: doctors_vitamins
I got my Lecethin off of Amazon. About £4 a tin if i remember correctly.


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