Drone cells in super????!

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Dec 31, 2008
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Shropshire, uk
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Inspected my strong colony 2 days ago - seems to be doing well so wondered if it needs another super (has one). In the middle of 4th/5th frame (of super)in there were what looked liked capped drone cells dotted between cells of nectar. Also a couple of queen cups in centre of one frame. Also pollen but could see no eggs/larvae. The previous week I had noted eggs in the brood and all seemed "normal".

Bemused I went away to be confused.

Today i had another look: now appear to be more capped drone cells (about a dozen) no more q cups, no eggs/brood in super. Did;nt see queen but eggs and lots of brood below - lots of bees and one drone. Seem to be some space for them to store pollen so don't understand why they are bringin it upstairs. there is a lot of nectar in the super but some room for more.

What are they doing and should I add another super (only have foundation no more drawn comb) Any ideas????

Many thanks.


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