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Mar 19, 2009
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North Derbyshire
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Hi All,

Just a quickie I have had a undrawn super on for a week now and can see they have not drawn any of the foundation out. I have one of the slotted steel QX on and have a replacement wire type to go on when I next open up.

I have read that you can leave the QX off to encourage them to go up and draw the super foundation out. So my question is do I put the wire QX on for a week in the hope they like this more and go up, or go for no QX for a while?

What do you folks favour?
Leave the excluder off for a few days have a look to see if they have started to draw it out if yes then put excluder back on.
What you haven't said is how strong are the bees?

Can you tell us how many frames of brood there are?

Hi MrT,

There's another option If you don't fancy leaving the QX off for a while. Just replace a frame of stores in the brood box with one of the frames of super foundation. Give it a day or two for them to draw it out and then place it back in the super.
6+ 1 is possibly just early enough. I super on 7+1 or 8.

If your weather hasn't been that great then I suspect that things are just a bit cool for the girls.

Thank you all for the replies.

My gut feeling is that I supered about one week too early, but I was of course very keen to push for progress and more importantly didn't want to make a mistake and take them down the lack of space route.

The weather has turned a bit so I guess that hasn't helped their progress either :D

I think I will make my mind up when I open them up next. I just need a bit sun so I can have a poke about in the box :D
They need a good flow or a feed to draw comb,with better weather they will sort it out.

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