Do bees like music?

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Mar 12, 2009
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Contrary to what you all may be thinking, I am not competing for the worlds dumbest beekeeper cup.. ( tho I think I would stand a fair chance of winning)
I have just sent my other half round to the neighbour to ask if she would mind me keeping my bees in the garden... she not only is totally fine with it...( I nearly buckled with shock) but she hates honey... so I don't have to surrender any of my golden harvest.. ( if I get some)
The reason I ask about the music, is that we have a small studio in the garden. Most days stuff is being recorded, or rehearsed. Even with the soundproofing, there is often a bass beat coming through and I wondered if this would affect the bees in anyway.
Absolutely, they love music.

They have a particular fondness for "The Bee Gees"

Busy Bee
Of course they love music. So now your bees will be able to do the 'waggle' and 'round' dances to music. Lucky bees.

there is often a bass beat coming through and I wondered if this would affect the bees in anyway.

There's only one way to find out!!!!

Bcrazy can you hear any music ?

Deep bass or tinny stuff ?
Unfortunately I am not able to distinguish music from any source as I only have 19% of 100% normal hearing.
I do not hear the bees when carrying out inspections, I have to rely on keeping an eye on the entrance to see what they are up to.
Although I wear two hearing aids these do allow me to hear conversation on a one to one basis as long as there is no background noise, but apart from that I am 'mutton & jeff'.
I did once have very good hearing but things happen so one has to adapt.

They wont hear it as such, but they may pick up on any vibration if its close to the hive.
Will it make them grumpy Sweetums? Or worse, make them look for somewhere else to live?
i would be very surprised. im sure they will be fine.
pop a nuc there and see how they go, not sure they would be into Death Metal tho....

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