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May 20, 2009
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SE Scotland
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I'm needing to make some division boards up to fill in the gaps at the end of the hives where the frames leave a space - stop the bees building wild comb.

I've been to my local DIY store, and the cheapest and best thickness material they have is MDF. I believe MDF is effectively sawdust and glue mixed together - and I was wondering if there are any known problems with using MDF in the hive - either for the bees themselves, or for the honey produced?
I wouldn't unless you know exactly what glue is in it. Formaldahyde is part of the formulation of a lot of plywood/mdf glues. Plywood is safer as the better grades do not degrade as much and let off the nasties.
If in doubt don't is my advice.

And for information I have 22 years of experience in the timber industry at managerial level.
Polystyrene foam board is easy to work and nice to use.

I've often made them from corex - the board that estate agents signs are made from. A bit of a shortage at the moment.
Polystyrene foam board is easy to work and nice to use.

hi Finamn, what are the wires for? heating or temp measurment?

Hi Finman
Looking at you picture, do you open up your hives in the snow? Not something I would ever consider doing so I am intersted to hear your thoughts and experience of this.
The wires are for heating, it helps improve the rate of early spring buildup.

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