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Feb 18, 2010
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How long is a piece of string
I have managed to get some , would this be ok to use ?
I have read in a book that its ok but thought i would check first.
If it's ok , is it still only paint the outsides.
How about the inner roof and crown board?
Come to think of it no matter what paint i use do i paint these parts ?
Hi Wightbees

It used to be used on hives quite widely, however there are better options and it really is horrible stuff. Find something that stinks less........................Some of the old boys would coat up the hives in the Winter with the bees inside...

Regards Ian
Is it "real" creosote - i.e. the stuff they used years ago?
If so it's banned as it's carcinogenic.

Most people use clear cuprinol on the outside only.

A lot of bee books are out of date.
I have managed to get some , would this be ok to use ?
I have read in a book that its ok but thought i would check first.
If it's ok , is it still only paint the outsides.
How about the inner roof and crown board?
Come to think of it no matter what paint i use do i paint these parts ?

No. dont do it as it may be old black coal tar creosote and due to its carcinogenic character, the European Union has banned the sale of creosote treated wood and requires that the sale of creosote be limited to professional users

trading standards might also condem your honey ifi t has high phenol content
It's a complete no. Do not use.

Further what book are you working from?

PH three books peter beckly, ted hooper and the other one just looking at the pics lol :) Kim flottum. Peter Beckley Keeping Bees said about the Creosote.

MuswellMetro didn't think about the Honey sale part < good point

Yes it is the real stuff my friend gets it. Said i can have some if i wanted.
Would make a hell of a mess on your bee suit as well, as sometimes it doesnt dry very well.
Best not to safer products available today unless you smoke 40 a day and then you will be well use to risk.
Old engine oil mixed with kerosene is 'similar' to creosote. Would you want that around your bees? Technology has moved on. These mixtures (wood tars and nasty oil contaminants) have passed their 'use by' dates - especially for beehives.

Go for something a lot more eco-friendly. Further more, why consider using external preservatives on internals, where it is patently not required?

Regards, RAB
Well Flottum is American and so a great deal of his info is NON applicable to the UK.

Hooper is good.

Other chap never head of and if he is recommending creosote then it's at least out of date if not dangerous.

The book looks old , i will give the creosote a miss then ;)
Don't think the Libry would like that Mr B
book looks old

It will have a date in it?

This may be a warning to others - that unless one is aware of past procedures which have been supereded by modern techniques, one may be better only studying the newer tomes.

Only if one reads widely enough would those old methods - which may, or may not, still be appropriate or were very effective in their day (and have been found to have other adverse effects) - be placed into the whole picture of past and present beekeeping husbandry.

Regards, RAB
:(I thought I'd bought some a couple of months back. Got it home & read the label properly - it's some stuff called Creocote - just smells like the old stuff & dosen't work as well.:(
several parts here. no i would not use what ever you have on a hive , there are much better options , much better colours and a lot safer to use and work with

2, I do use the modern creosote alternative on every thing wooden at the allotment to preserve it as it is cheaper than the modern versions

3, Creosote of old is not bannned, never has been, what it is , is controled to be sold with restrictions, ie to farmers, land scapers, horticultural people etc.

all of these people will have to had a valid training course, the classic is insecticide handling and insecticide spraying , kanpsack as a minium, as this explains the basics of handling chemicals, or you could of trained for say pest control or evan a poisons ticket etc.
there is no creosote ticket as such , but they do need to see that who they sell to can use the stuff safely, and to just kill of any chancers , i have only ever seen it sold in the last few years in 225 litres barrels, because that is what I brought my old barrel as, it cost £115 plus vat,(2005) but i find it easier to buy 25 litre tins from country wide farmers instead, smaller quantity and a safer product
I know a few people that have creosoted their beehives for decades and in that time, their honey has been tested any number of times due to the large quantities they sell. Not once has their been any issue.

I, personally wouldn't use it but I think the so-called risks are talked up by beekeepers when they are in fact negligable. Their would be a greater risk of contamination to honey from nectar containing pesticides I would think, never mind the grotty water bees seem to choose to liquidise the stores in the spring.

I've never heard of a case of creosote spoiled honey, in any book or otherwise. I have heard of contamination from a few other things.

I'll grant that old books recommend it in an era that testing of residues was probably in it's infancy, but those that treat their hives with creosote currently, are subject to residue testing that would be sufficiently high resolution to detect any issue.

Well sorry to say I have Adam and tasted it more to the point and it was so bad it actually burnt my tongue.

insecticide handling and insecticide spraying I use to about 10 yrs ago, about 1500 ltr at a time . hated it , in the glass houses so hot with suit and mask on .

I'm not going to use the creosote on the hives , Its seems that the chicken club offers
this stuff for sale in 25 ltr plastice barrels. Don't know how much it cost as i have'nt bought it. It's a mate of mine.

I might do what thurrock Bees does and use it on the stands though.

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