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Dec 4, 2008
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Scottish Borders
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Sunday last and still available on the Iplayer was a program which included the proposal to make Harris into a National Park. As part of the program there were stunning aerial views of the beaches.

One of the best of them is Luskintyre which is where Julie and I are heading in our motor home to have a serious break from business. There is a lovely camping spot that we have used before and that is our intended destination unless of course some one else is using it.

We are driving up to Perthshire for an over night stop, then heading for Invercoe camp site at the west end of Glen Coe after driving theough it. Next day a saunter through the Cullins if Skye to catch the ferry at Uig on Skye.

A jaunt through some of the very best scenery in the UK to end up on the by far, most spectacular beach.

Just thought to mention it.


Our wee reward having had four days off since July 7th past. ;)

I am married to a Scot and I have been touring that area you mentioned and what breath taking scenery it is. When the time comes enjoy your well earned rest and try to relax.

Besy wishes

I saw that, it was stunning.
When you go have a good time.
That trip sounds amazing,only last week we were chatting about doing a tour up in Scotland in the motorhome this summer.

Still early plans at this stage but fingers crossed.
Hi PH,
Have a great time! We used to tour Scotland and the western islands by motorcycle some years ago, as you say stunning scenery, the beaches around Harris and Lewis a lovely. Must do it again one day.