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May 31, 2009
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North Linconlshire
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I have a put a super on 7 days ago. I have not put on a queen excluder as I have read that this discourages the bees from entering the super initially. I now have bees on the lower quarter of three frames, directly above the brood nest of the colony. The frames are undrawn. My question is how long should it take for the bees to start drawing the comb out on the super frames?
As soon as a flow starts to come in,you may have a gap in your area this time of year,give it time and they will soon get to work.
That depends.... mainly on weather and that is as accurate as I can be.

i am still waiting them to draw my manley frames, normal super is drawn but had to put some already drawn combs in.probably to give an example how it should look :) will have a check today if the weather holds.

When do you think I should put the queen excluder in place? Now that some bees have made the move into the super or only once the bees start to draw out the comb?

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