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Drone Bee
Nov 9, 2008
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Over a month ago i mentioned to some that one of my hives has some bees which walked up the garden with deformed wings, like you had rolled them between your finger and thumb.

I gave an early feed after i removed the honey crop, the syrup had thymol in it as part of my varroa treatment, about 12 litres were taken down. i have also treated with Apiguard.

I am concerned as there are still a few congregating along the path, i had hoped this would have gone by now. much less in numbers, but still with deformed wings.

My question is, what is the next step to treat ? how can i clear this viral infection or whatever it is??.
Maybe the queen is carrying the virus? thats why you are still seeing it,whats the mite drop like?
What about Formic acid or Maybe you could try OA using a vaporisor?

I may be wrong but I think I read once that after an infection it can continue to exist in the hive although not as bad as the first attack.
I will need to get my books out and read up.
You can't clear up the virus infection,just hope it will clear itself,you could add some emerging brood from other colonys to keep up the strength in this one,as long as your other colonys can spare some.
I can picture it a bit like Swine-flu virus,the population(Colony) get infected but the majority get over it or the population(Colony)dies.
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Call in that genius Bispham,let them all die.

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removed the last tray of Apiguard, colony is strong despite the few that collect up the path each day.

Think i will give them another feed of syrup laced with thymol, and see how they overwinter, there was a good responsive mite drop to the treatment, and i regularly removed the drone brood which should have helped matters.

today was the first time i have opened a hive in a long while, it was a good feeling to chat with them again. i work this colony with just a veil, in shorts an t-shirt, wouldnt do it with any of my others. but when you get a good set of bees like this they are worth their weight in gold, hope they pull through.
Are you sure this is viral, i have seen bees as you described but this was caused by ants, my bees are kept at my allotment which is over run with ants and if they fall where the ants are they are soon over come and stripped of there wings the ones that get away are as you describe.