California swarm story... from Aus... lol

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Dec 4, 2008
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I was talking to a guy in California the other day and he was a bit stressed about a swarm of bees that had taken up residence on the windshield of his car in the parking lot at work
[08:31:17] MoonRobyn: he'd watched them most of the afternoon and was a bit agitated about what to do when it came time to go home from work
[08:31:19] MoonRobyn: half an hour drive etc...
[08:31:38] MoonRobyn: so when it was time, he didnt DO anything.. just hopped inthe car and drove home
[08:31:42] MoonRobyn: he said he didnt lose one!!!
[08:32:18] MoonRobyn: so in the morning he went to see what had eventuated overnight and .. nothing.. they were still there.. kind of massed around the drivers side windscreen wiper
[08:32:22] MoonRobyn: so he took them back to work!
[08:32:51] MoonRobyn: and at some point during the day they decided that was a bit too much adventure for them and took off for a better more stable environment.

Copied and pasted out of Skype. MoonRobyn is one of my oldest net friends and we met through a bee sting on an IRC
channel. Resulting in her daughters staying with me for months and then a trip for myself to Australia. Bees lead on to interesting things people!
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