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Mar 27, 2009
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Winchester, Hampshire
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Just started my beekeeping course, and have spent the last couple of months reading up on the subject. Although I've still got a lot to learn, I Have decided to buy a nuc, which I will be collecting the weekend after next.
I have been offered help by a couple of local beekeepers, so I'm hoping to learn as I go!
The Nuc will be in one of these boxes

I'm wondering what the procedure is for transferring them over to my National hive. Would I leave them in the nuc box until they need the extra room, or would I transfer them straight away?
I will obviously be asking advice from my course instructor, the local association, and the guy I'm buying the Nuc from, but it seems in beekeeping there are many different approaches to the same problem!
Any advice you can give would be much appreciated.
Hi Andy, interesting picture of the construction jigs in the ebay link.
You would normally transfer the bees from the Nuc to a full sized hive, as they require space. Too much empty space might actually slow up their development. Not quite as cosy rattling around in the larger box perhaps.

When transferring, frames of foundation are put into the outside frame positions, although some of the more experienced beekeepers may have other suggestions that they have proven to work better for themselves. A six frame Nuc does give you more latitude than a four or five frame model.
Many thanks for the reply. I'm actually glad I don't need to transfer them to a hive straight away, as I acquired a swarm last night from the local association, so don't have a spare hive at the moment! Steep learning curve, but seems I've safely got them in the hive. Will have two colonies to deal with in a couple of weeks! Brace yourselves for a barrage of silly questions from me!

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