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Jul 11, 2009
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I am going to try and raise my own queens next year and hope father christmas will bring an apidea
I have been told that. Brown, Ron - Managing Mininucs will give good advice butis curently out of stock at Northen Bee Books. Does anyone know where else this might be available or will NBB get it in fairly soon.....I'm a slow reader so might need till next spring to understand it :)
No idea how long it would take to get back in stock as at first glance NBB seem to be the only stockist and they aren't the publisher. (It was printed by 'Axworthys, Barton Road, Torquay')

It's not as good as the Ron Brown booklet but there is a 'Beekeping in a Nutshell' called Mininucs, Management & Maintenance which you can buy for £1.50 from NBB or view/download for free.
I think that the BIBBA website sells a book on Apidea managemnnt. Cancel that, I have just checked and the only book they do is mating in miniature which is using a different box
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I have just been to an evening at Harrogate, where I arranged for Jerremy from Northern Bee Books to bring a selection of books along for members to browse and buy. I took the liberty of asking on your behalf- he is pretty sure that he has copies of the Ron Brown book you are after, although it is showing out of stock on the website. He suggested that you email him. PM me if you cant find the contact details on his website.

All the best