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Mar 12, 2009
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Hi all, can anybody tell me anything about "black" honey bees? I am being given a nuc containing a small swarm of black bees tomorrow. I am wondering about their likely origin, temperament etc... I am only a beginner, so apologies if this is a "no brainer" to most of you, I'm sure it won't be the last daft question I post this week. :)
Hi Jenxy my three colonies are of black bees and are extremely good natured and hard working. They are bred locally in Northern Ireland from an experienced well thought of beekeeper. I cant say how yours will be because as you know colony to colony they can all vary. If you get good ones like mine you will enjoy them. Good luck with them anyway.
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Thanks Frogdiver, the guy bringing them here told me he did get a sting from one of them today, but he say's he's old school and doesn't wear all the "garb" so I guess that's not bad going. I'm lucky that's it's a small swarm, it will give me the chance to get to know them without feeling too intimidated.
What I have read about official black bees, they are German Blacks.

There has bee two waves of bees from Africa and the German Blacks were the second wave.
Before genetic mapping it was tought that Blacks are the most original in Europe and Europe is a place whene honeybee has eveloped.
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So if they are German bees, they might well be a little "ancy"then. I was hoping that my first experience would be quite a gentle/ calm affair. Ah well, the best laid plans and all that....
Ahh but if they are german bees you will soon know, they will be the ones who start flying really early in the morning, reserve their nectar spots before returning to the hive for a snooze till lunch time:cheers2:
Do they come with stripy towels????? :)
AMC? I just looked on Admins list of beginners acronyms, I was hoping to avoid asking what that is... but it's not on there.. Please tell me more.
That went right over my head... Did I miss something???
They may be AMM and some of them are very nicely tempered.

That went right over my head... Did I miss something???

I'm actually not into the import/not import debate, but work with cattle and a lot of non british breeds which have been bred in the country are called "British ........" or other country's for that matter, so we get British Freisian, Canadian Jersey, British Holstein etc. etc.

I just thought it was witty

I don't do politics..........:puke:

Where would we be without the caustic Finman. Cranky, but highly amusing at times.
Where would we be without the caustic Finman. Cranky, but highly amusing at times.

Agreed Jon,he can be fun at times and also very knowledgeable.

I think its funny when I try and joke with him but the joke does not translate and he thinks its a dig.:hat:

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