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May 5, 2009
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6 >12 - 14x12 + Nucs
Aggg worried about getting the wrong size suit......
i Am 6'3" 1/2 tall skinny man! what size do i need was hoping to squeeze into the EL size as this is on offer as part of a beginners kit.
should i just pay the extra and Get EEL size but i would not get the smoker and feeders etc with it which i will sill need?:confused::confused::confused:

LARGE: Height: 6’ 1” / 185 cm Chest: 42-44” / 107-112cm Inside Leg: 34½”/ 87cm

EL: Height: 6’ 3” / 191 cm Chest: 46 - 48” / 117-122cm Inside Leg: 35½”/ 90cm

EEL: Height: 6’ 5½” / 197 cm Chest: 50 - 52” / 127 - 132cm Inside Leg: 37½”/ 95cm

EEEL: Height: 6’ 5½” / 197 cm Chest: 54 - 56” / 137 - 143cm Inside Leg: 38”/ 96.5cm
Hi They are very helpfull at BJ Sherrif.

They sent me out a couple of sizes (card details given) I just sent back the one that did not fit.

Remember you are not on the cat-walk! go for comfort not style, so maybe the next size up.
My own recent experience of Sherriff suits is that they are BIG. I am 6' 3" and have purchased other suits claiming to fit up to 6' 6" and which didn't. With this in mind I ordered a larger suit from Sherriffs and found it to be too big for me. I would suggest that you go for the EL one. You can always swap it..............