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Colony for Sale Beware of scams

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House Bee
Jun 17, 2022
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Essex, UK
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I have recently answed an advertisement for a colony.
The seller doesn't want me to go to them but she wants me to send her the money and she "will send via freight".
I have contacted others on the forum and there was something fishy so they didn't send any money either.
Just please everyone be aware that scammers don't just operate on Facebook, they target multiple sites like this also.
If anyone wants the username please PM me. I have reported it to admin.
Hi Rob. It's been dealt with but thanks for the warning to everybody else. Something we should all be aware of. We mods don't get to hear of it unless somebody reports them so again, thanks
Reminds me of an incident about 40 years ago, a beekeeper I knew bought a colony, but was not allowed to inspect it before purchase. When he got it home it was diseased and had to be destroyed.

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