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Dec 1, 2008
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Hi all

Starting Wednesday 21st of Jan a 10 week practical course for new beekeepers/beginners in Woking Surrey.

This Autumns course had to be expanded to Thursday day times as well and if numbers or requests permit this will again be the case.

Courses are run by John Hamer, who was last season presented with Honorary membership to the Surrey Association by Tim Lovitt for his contribution to Beekeeping in the area.

Please check the site for other events as there are candle making days and Skep making classes.

Regards Ian
Hi Ian,was this the Apiary that had the open day during the summer?
Hi Admin

Yes we had an open day and it p?$%^% down the whole day:ack2:
So a bit of a disappointment but we still had about 50-60 from many Associations.

Well down on last year but the Weather obviously put most off. Just hope for better next season:)

Regards Ian

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