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Apr 13, 2010
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This doesn't appear to be on their website yet...but I know loads of you are as soft about these fuzzy fellows as I am.......

Introducing BeeWalk...
Help us to monitor changes in bumblebee populations!

Why walk for bees?

While previous bumblebee surveys have focused on collating individual records in order to accurately map bumblebee distributions, BeeWalk will be the first scheme to enable us to collect bumblebee abundance data.

This information is integral to monitoring bumblebee population changes and will allow us to detect early warning signs of population declines.

All data collected will contribute to important long-term monitoring of bumblebee populations in response to climate and land-use change.

BeeWalk will be invaluable in helping us to conserve this dramatically declining and much-loved group of buzzing insects.

Methodology: not only is it useful, it's also good fun!
Volunteers will walk a 1-2km route of their own choosing once a month between March and October recording all of the bumblebee species and the number of each species they see.

BeeWalk starter packs will be provided to all volunteers and will comprise of a bumblebee identification guide, recording sheets and detailed instructions. Stop Press!!! The first 30 volunteers will receive a bumblebee net, sampling pots and a copy of Edwards and Jenner's "Field Guide to Bumblebees of Great Britain and Ireland."

Volunteers will receive regular updates throughout the season and feedback following data analysis.

you could choose to upgrade to BeeWalk Pro, a more detailed survey in which the flowers that the bees are foraging on are also recorded.

With your help, we'll gather enough information on bumblebee populations to steer conservation efforts in the right direction!

To sign up for BeeWalk email us at [email protected]
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