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Jul 28, 2008
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After a little research I have found the difference between Premium and Standard foundation as supplied by Thornes.

As follows:

Premium beeswax foundation(Premier Foundation):

The source is a mixture of British and West African wax that conforms to BP standards (British pharmacopoeia specification for Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical or Food use).

Standard foundation:

This is a mixture of Beeswax from several sources.

I did wonder the difference apart from price because on inspection it looked like it came through the rollers at the same thickness.

From reading up on beeswax I understand that an even higher standard exists that is Defence standard ?
I am using premium foundation this year in my nucs I am selling. (going for all or as near all Britsh nuc as I can!)

There is a noticeable difference in the aroma (smell) from it. It actually smells like bees wax, compared to the standard which has little smell.

Also it looks visually different in colour/shade, and once again it "looks" like bees wax rather than plasticy
I have never rated Thornes foundation.

Steele and Brodie's was better and then I was put on to Kembles and have never looked back.

Would you recommend Kembles then PH ?
I have only known Thornes, but have not been impressed by the premium or Std, Kembles prices look very good particularly if they are of exceptional quality.

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The foundation from Peter Kemble is deep walled and the bees just love it. The only better foundation is the home made stuff I used to turn out with the mould.

I can honestly thoroughly recommend it to you with no reservations.


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