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Bees Wax Wanted

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Jan 6, 2009
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My partner has a requirement for real bees wax. She has recently purchased a spinning wheel, which fits nicely into our life of Scottish crofters.

However she only wants to treat the wood in the same manner as days gone by, so lots of elbow grease required too.

Does anyone have blocks of wax or should I just melt down my exisitning foundation. As per my previous post I only have one hive and I think the bees are in a greater need than myself

I can pay by paypal if required

Many thanks

I used some beeswax on a crosscut jig I made for my table saw.
It did not work very well due to the wax having a very small amount of honey in it making everything sticky and ceasing up.
I am probably wrong here but are you saying you want some beeswax polish?

If so there are suppliers in Scotland that have a good product.


Father Benedict runs the apiary and oversees the polish making. Gave me a wonderful tour of the Monastery too.

Please do,I have a very nice Autosleeper camper and have been talking about doing Scotland for years.

If I mention the idea to my wife she will be in the pasenger seat before I know it.
I hate to say this but you are missing out on some of the best bits.

Outer Hebridies. Luskintyre Beach is just awesome. My ashes will be scattered there.

Castle country. NE Scotland. Aberdeenshire and Banffshire. Not to mention the whisky trail.

If you insist on doing the west coast for goodness sake pop over to Skye and marvel.

Poolewe Gardens are another must see. http://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/poolewe/inverewe/

Floyd, if you pop a plastic queen excluder over the top bars, the bees will fasten it with wax. I'm sure that it could be manipulated to encourage them to make a little more which could be harvested each inspection, an ounce and more at each inspection. Preferable to destroying perfectly good foundation perhaps. It depends how pressed you are for time. With a few hives the harvest of wax can become passably significant.