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May 12, 2009
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North Wilts
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Hi Guys

I have a hive on a field of rape which I have not been able to visit for two weeks due to the cold weather.

I have looked at the outside of the hive a couple of times only to see no more than one or two bees flying.

Today was a different story with dozens hitting the landing board every second.

The first thing I noticed, is they were ignoring the super and was concentrating filling up the brood box at one end. By the time I got to the 3rd frame there was a capped queen cell which I detroyed.

The forth frame had 6 queen cells, most capped with one that looked ripped open.

As I progressively went through the hive, I destroyed approximately 50 queen cells, found a queen hatching and found another scuttling across the top of a frame away from the cluster.
Male intuition suggests they are trying to tell me something! :hat:

As there is no honey in the super, I popped the new queen on top of the QX for temporary safe keeping.

So far I have not found her original ladyship, but with the number of bees in the hive I can't believe they have swarmed already...

I think I am going to try have to try an artificial swarm.

My main question is to do with swarm boxes. I would like to set up a couple of swarm boxes to try and catch a swarm if one gets away. When swarming on a field of rape, how far away would be good places for swarm boxes. With so many natural places, I am going to have to make them very appitising!


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