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Nov 24, 2008
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Gloucestershire uk
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Interesting occurrence that comes up regularly.
A customer ordered 4 nucs in JANUERY to be deliverd to Scotland in MAY and gave the address and post code of his works.
It was in AUGUST we had a phone call asking from a very irate customer demanding his money back as he had not received the bees.
We looked the history up and found the bees had been posted on the 30th of APRIL to the address on the order a factory.
We later found out he left his job at the address given. and was too embarrassed to go back and ask for his bees that were being cared for at his old factory, every thing turned out all right in the end.

I recently had an order for 10 queens to be sent ASAP we sent the queens the very next day this was on the 1st Sept.
Since then every day we have had Emails asking for the Queens we Emailed back the tracking number to the customer and proof of the post for him to track.
We were told the post had been signed for,
The customer still insisted he has not received his bees.
AGAIN today we rang the post office giving the full address and post code on the order? Guess what!!! the customer had given us the wrong post code.
WE make mistakes as well.
SEE our website regarding lost post.

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