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Aug 15, 2009
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Surrey, England
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I am a new bee-keeper in the last few weeks on four different evenings about 9 or 10 pm, 4 -5 worker bees have come into the house any idea why ? I have two hives in the garden about 20 metres from the back door.
Might be your beekeeping equipment, like bee suit. Or maybe you just forgot to replace the lid on your jar of honey after breakfast :biggrinjester:
I had some whizz in last night about 11.30, they were attracted to the spot lights in the kitchen.
We have Mint in flower right by the back door, covered in worker bees and sometimes have bees in the kitchen, but not 4-5 a day.Our stable back door is left permanently open.
Bees are not known for flying from the light into the dark so it may be your kitchen lighting. If bees can smell honey they will try to come and rob it, so do you have open honey jars in your kitchen that may be attracting them?
At 9-10pm most of my bees are back in their hive as this seems quite late, but then your kitchen lights may be brighter than the outside daylight and this may be the reason the bees fly in.

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