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Nov 11, 2008
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Nantwich, Cheshire
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40 reducing to 20

I have 2 National colonies for sale made up of 2009 queens with 7 or 8 frames of brood at all stages, lots capped and ready to emerge. Bees are in to cover. They are National DN1 frames some new this year and some older. They were splits I did early in the season and should produce some return this season weather etc. permitting. The bees were flying well this morning when I visited.

I would be looking for prospective buyers to inspect the colonies with me before buying and then transferring the frames and bees into the buyers equipment.

These bees are well tempered and easy to handle and are fairly prolific, needing at least brood and a half or double brood using BS Nationals. They are based on a buckfast cross queen. All my colonies are on these queens or descendents of them.

The cost would be £125 and they are ready right now. If interested or need more information PM me.

Area is Nantwich, Cheshire.