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Bees and Hives for sale Devon

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Jan 22, 2009
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Newton Abbot Devon
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I have for sale two british national hives with colonies for sale. Both colonies doing very well and building by the day. One of the colonies is a 2009 nuc and marked queen.The other is a 2009 swarm that i collected late last summer.
The hives were new last year and consist of two brood boxes,four supers,three with frames and foundation,one super with frames minus foundation. Two solid floors,i have mesh to build two open floors,two crown boards and two queen excluders.
Both colonies have been treated for varoa.
The reason im selling is for health reasons and also going to lose the site they are on.
The hives are located near Newton abbot/Torquay area.
Price for both hives is £500.00.
Paypal deposit of £100.00 required.
I will also throw my hive tools and old smoker in,plus a copy of A practical manual of beekeeping by David Cramp.
Buyer to arrange collection.
My email is [email protected].
I have pictures if anybody is interested.
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