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Nov 9, 2008
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S.E. Cornwall
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Hi folks,

I have two hives. I inherited them in late June.
On inspection hive 1 today, there is a sealed QC right smack in the middle of a frame and no signs of the marked queen...she was this year's and only hatched in June...she was VERY small though. They have one full frame of honey and patchy brood.

The other I didn't see the marked queen in today, but I did see eggs so that's OK. Also patchy brood and not much stores. She is also this June's queen.

Both hives are 4 frames of bees and nothing much drawn either side of this.

Would beekeepers advise me to feed them, bearing in mind that ivy will be flowering?

I am under the impression that I should so that they can start drawing out the frames and give the queen more room to lay in.

I have refrained from feeding so far as I try to be as natural as possible, but I think this looks like my best and most sensible option now.

If I feed, in what quantities shall I mix the sugar? ie. thick or weak??
I have trawled the threads looking for info, but you know how it is, everyone's situation is different and I just wanted a quick bit of advice which is specific to me.

Thank you
I would feed them even if there is ivy about as ivy honey tends to set hard in the comb.:cheers2:
at this time of year i would start on 1kilo of sugar to 2 litres of water which is a half mix after they have got the hank of that start feeding for winter so either 1kilo sugar 1 litre of water, or use fondant, if you have any try a little pollen patty aswell just to help but say only 250/400 gm