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have you registered with Beebase

  • Yes

    Votes: 21 63.6%
  • No

    Votes: 11 33.3%
  • Fairy cakes dont actually contain Faries :(

    Votes: 1 3.0%

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Yes. While I'm not a great fan of putting any more of my details into the hands of a government agency I did feel that the benefits of beebase far outweighed the negatives.
Yes I am registered apart from the fact that the regional bee inspector is in our club along with seasonal bee inspector I still would have registered.
We had a presentation on the CBKA beekeeping course from the Eastern Region Bee Inspector, which was really informative and well presented. So I registered with Bee Base, as I too feel the advantages outweigh any perceived disadvantage.
I dont get any bees till mid june, is there any reason that I should register before then???

I held off until I got my bees though I had a few conversations with our seasonal bee inspector via the "other" forum in the meantime.

A lot of their useful information is available without registration and to be perfectly honest, other than the ability to request an inspection I'm not sure what else registering will give you in the meantime.

I don't believe you need to be registered to request an inspection, but I understand you will be registered pretty soon afterwards if you do.

We've got a pretty comprehensive "bee health" seminar through our association on saturday with 4 different inspectors in attendence so I'm looking forward to that.
i have not for several reasons,
1 , i do not trust any thing to do with this government at all
2, why does every thing in this nanny state require papers and registration
3, i meet a bee inspector once and have never meet a bigger ussless muppet ever, he knew only what they had told him to look for and could not do any thing else
4, any good hacker can get to my information and thats when we all have missing problems
5 to many web site contain to many apiary site addresses, i prefer mine not to be one
and finaly its idea is sold to us by the bbka, and never will i belive that lot again
The more information the government has the more chance you will be controlled. Its only a matter of time until you must be quality assured and governed by DEFRA or DARD. By subscribing to this things you are doing the governments work.

There is enough local, internet and lituary information to keep bees. We don't need the government. After all large chemical companies are goverment backed. IE Monsanto!!

If in doubt DON'T.

Busy Bee

P.S. You can learn better by self help and self education, it may take time but you will succeed.
Not registered - see my location:)
MJBEE i think you should try and register for the fun of it. See what their systems come up with.:cheers2:
to register or not.

Hi all,
i would tell anybody to be on bee base because their the ones who know when deseases are near to your apiary prevention is better than a loss of your bees,

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