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Nov 7, 2008
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From the Kent Bee-keepers Yearbook 1973...
Mix 3 oz medium oatmeal to a thick paste with cold water and let it stand for 30 mins. Strain thoroughly and use the liquour for making this brose.
Mix the liquor thoroughly with 4 dessertspoons of heather honey, using a silver spoon.
Pour into an empty half whisky bottle, fill up with whisky and cork tightly. Shalke well before using.

NOTE: This is one of the many recipes for this traditional Scottish drink. Making a liquour rather like Drambuie. I usually filter the soaked oatmeal. The honey should be blended so that neither the flavour of honey or whisky predominates. As the mixture forms a "must" in spite of using a silver spoon, it is more attractive if carefull decanted to a fresh bottle before using


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Aug 24, 2009
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Just found this on the good housekeeping it must be good.

The difference is it is a creamy dessert, which is what my other half told me just now she thought Athol Brose is anyway. She was surprised to find a receipe for a liquor !

Atholl Brose

125g (4oz) raspberries (frozen when not in season)
Pinch of ground cinnamon
5ml (1tsp) lemon juice
25g (1oz) caster sugar
300ml (1/2pt) double cream
45ml (3tbsp) thin honey
25-50ml (1-2fl oz) whisky, to taste
50g (2oz) coarse oatmeal, toasted
Few raspberries, to decorate (optional)


1 Put the raspberries, cinnamon, lemon juice, sugar and 30ml (2tbsp) water in a small pan. Heat gently for 1-2min until the raspberries just soften. Remove from the heat and set aside to cool.

2 Whip the cream in a bowl with the honey until it just begins to hold its shape, then beat in the whisky. Fold in the toasted oatmeal.

3 Divide the raspberries between 4 serving glasses and spoon the oatmeal cream on top. Chill in the refrigerator for 30min before serving.

4 Decorate each serving with a few fresh raspberries and serve with crisp dessert biscuits if wished.

Both receipes sound very nice...:cheers2::cheers2::cheers2:

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