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If you are new to the forum and just starting to ask advice could I offer a little help.

To get the most from other members you first need to go into your control panel and add your location as this will often help in members answers(There is sometimes a big difference in advice if you live in say Aberdeen or Truro.

Always give a good title:
"I have found queen cells on a frame what should I do ?"

Is far better than

"HELP !!!!"

Give all the information you can think of in your post,the more info you give the better the replies will be.

Sometimes you may find that replies may seem a little crass,most of the time no harm is intended as we except we all started at the begining in Beekeeping.

You will soon realise that the forum can be a little strong in its advice at times but If you can laugh it off you will soon fit in and be one of the team.

If you are offended by any posts or replies please dont hesitate to hit the "Report post" button as some of our members do need a pm or two sometimes to remind them to play nice.

To report a post just click the little notebook icon at the bottom of each post (Icon below):
Enjoy the forum and enjoy your beekeeping.

Not open for further replies.

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