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mark s

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Jun 9, 2009
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Isle Of Wight
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16 + 3nuc's
hi all
just about to put my second tub of api in and was wondering wether i take the old one out or leave it in.
also should i do an inspection or not?
ive been watching the hive every day and there is quite a lot of activevity plenty of pollen going in:) so should i leave alone now
Hi Mark
I left the first Apiguard trays in some of the hives, it wont do any harm, i removed my second lot today, and had a brief look at a couple of frames, i wouldnt do a full inspection if this wind continues you might chill the brood, but if we get some sunshine you could pull a couple of frames to check stores etc.

I am hoping for a little warm spell before i close them up for winter, going to give my bees some more syrup this week, most have been loading the larder, but some are a little light still.

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