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From Glossop, North Derbyshire, UK
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Mar 11, 2021
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Glossop, North Derbyshire
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So a colony had a witnessed swarm today, fair enough but not that simple:
8/5/24: examined, sealed queen cells, no eggs, some young larvae. Assumed swarmed & cut back to a single open QC.
15/5: EQCs and ?swarm cells cut back to one open QC, minor damage to the rim, no sign of original QC.
Left for a month to requeen, though I'd intended to look part way.
14/6: witnessed swarm. Several sealed QCs & one recently emerged (so maybe a cast and I've missed the prime swarm) removed several QCs but trying to emerge so all "pulled" and left to battle it out..
Obviously queenright 16 days ago, but what has gone on here?

P.S. caught the swarm

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Stores ok.
I can only presume they raised a new queen first time around and then immediately decided to swarm, I must have missed the prime and this was a cast - decent size though.