And what did we find on the OMF inspection sheet today children?

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May 27, 2011
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Time for the weekly Varroa count - and I did Troll counting. One, Two, Many... Lots! Around 1000 I reckon. Since week 1 was 400 and week 2 was 600 I was rather hoping for less this week :ack2:

I took a picture of the lil buggers since I had the camera out anyway

As part of my "detailed" count I noticed (between many and lots I think) 4 dead wax moths. :eek: Then in the middle of the huge pile of dead Varroa was a live(ish) wax moth larva. Here it is:

Even though I didn't want to open up mid Apiguard treatment, this worried me enough to have a look. (17 degrees and sunny for a while at least) Interestingly there was still BIAS from todays eggs onwards, as well as a reasonable top 1/3 of the other frames with capped honey (14x12 so similar to a super frame). NO evidence of moth at all (just like last inspection 3 weeks ago pre-treatment).:cuss:

Ah well - all is well since the Varroa have taken a pasting and I guess I'll be feeding from next week...

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