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Air vent trims

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hedgerow pete 

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Jan 26, 2009
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UK, Birmingham, Sandwell. Pork scratching Bandit c
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Wher I am working at the moment we can get hold of this stuff, It is pressed aluminium air vent trim, does anyone think its of any use to them , the reason why i ask is that if anyone here has a bee use or other for it I might try selling a few lenghts on fleabay

It can come at 500mm long lenghts and is 40mm by 30mm and the larger size is 30mm by 50mm the holes are all 10mm by 3mm.
I have used it as a air vent and hive front entrance blocker and it works quite well, I have flattend a lenghts out and used it as an air vent cover. price wise I was looking at say 4 lenghts at 500mm long costing a couple of quid , say 50pence each plus postage whats your opinions?????

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