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Gilberdyke John 

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May 5, 2013
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HU15 East Yorkshire
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Today was planned to be a bee free day as I accompanied my daughter and granddaughter to a horse related outing. Fortunately my granddaughter had a satisfying outcome as she got a second place with dressage intro C, accompanied with a blue rosette. Having collected her comment sheet we came home again and unloaded the trailer. I stood and watched as Billy the pony was led back to his field and heard "the buzz". looking up a swarm passed overhead from the South and headed for a bait hive on the roof of one of my sheds. Sadly however they flew straight over it and vanished into the North. I'm guessing the swarm came from another beekeepers hives over towards the edge of the village which a few years ago provided a number of successive swarms into the bait hive. Not this time so my bee free day still worked out.🙂

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