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Oct 1, 2009
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our BKA's four month course ( 20 places) for january 2011 is already full

Is this rush to help the poor Bee getting out of hand?

I am worried that the great and the good who are rushing to become beekeepers due to the publicity on the plight of the bees, will create too many amteur bee keepers with perhaps just a couple of hours tution and unable to know good practice and go off on the next Beekeeeping fad

i found a new urban beeks on an allotmnets in Tottenham london (inspecting boundary as part of my job) who had bought bees from Ebay by gift token and was feeding them a spring feed of organic honey from Brazil ...(oh i though as it was organaic it was safer...one weekend tutition of 8 hours in October2008)

They are going to use icing sugar dusting and pepermint oil patties only this year, very small brood of Carnies ...no hope
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i found a new urban beeks on an allotmnets in Tottenham london (inspecting boundary as part of my job) who had bought bees from Ebay by gift token and was feeding them a spring feed of organic honey from Brazil ...(oh i though as it was organaic it was safer...one weekend tutition of 8 hours in October2008)

I hope you told them to remove the honey IMMEDIATELY ?!!


yes but as there was not what you call a meeting of minds, they might still do their own thing, at least they had heard of AFB and EFB

i was only there with a boundary dispute for TfL on bus depot boundary
Never feed bees Honey that is from other sources as mentioned above it could contain diseases, if you want to feed honey then ensure its from the same hive or same apiary preferably your own stock of honey.
Whilst I whole heartedly agree that a massive influx of new ‘wanna-bee’ (pardon the pun) bee keepers may bring with it cause for concern, I also think that there is a massive lack of educational provision. As someone new to the world of bee keeping I have made several efforts to get on courses. So far I have been unsuccessful because there is a massive shortfall in course provision and a lot of areas are only geared up for people who are either free in the day or have cheque books!

I did mention this issue the other day when interviewed for some research via bee base. With the exception of much of what goes on within this forum, I have found bee keeping to be very dated and inaccessible to younger generations (not that I really fall into that group anymore). I realise that mentioning the BBKA here is tantamount to swearing, but really, correspondence courses, in this day and age! I am not saying scrap it, but I am saying perhaps look at a variety of other presentations.

The way people use, access and value knowledge is changing, like it or not, this is the way it is and the long term survivability of anything is put at risk if it is ignored. Attending our local meetings I have noted that it’s generally set up from a very didactic, “I am older and more experienced and therefore you shall shut up, listen and be grateful for the knowledge I give” perspective. I can generally put up with this, but I know for certain that many of the people I know would not. Be it an age, generation or arrogance thing, they just would not. It’s these people who end up going it alone unless there is an alternative format or structure which they can access.

As sound as your advice to the allotment bloke was Muswell, ask yourself why he would listen to you? Although I don’t know you, can see the soundness of your comments because I can cross-reference it to other similar comments I have heard or read, and it is peer evaluated within the context of this forum. To the allotment chap, your just some guy over the fence and what you say may not connect to anything else he has come across.

I think the basis of what I am saying, is that age and years of experience is no-longer a robust validator of person/professional knowledge. Bee keepers as a collective, need to find different ways in which to pass on there knowledge and experience within the confines of a socially validated system. Places like this forum are really good examples of this, but there needs to be more in both number and variance.

Please don’t think I am being disrespectful to anyone, I value the opinions of all. I just think things need to move with the times.

Have you tried Myerscough Agricultural College - within travelling distance I think? They offer 2 courses per year.
the bbka do run what i belive to be a fantastic set of course that build up to a full qualifcation in beekeepers, this set of courses are designed to be done whilst being a beek and allowing for your expansion, it is a great course, well writen and well thought out, i dont know what the costs are any more i did several course many years ago but still see it as a great way forward. i have never seen more than a token course run by others a sort of introduction set up but i have never seen many that do a more indepth course afterwards

i have already stated my claims of the new influx search them out and see what they were .

as for a new beek making a mistake we all do its whether we learn from them that counts
Hi Peebels
I can sympathise with you as Its the same year in year out at our association cram in as many as you can and collect the pennies. I must also say that the presentation given is extremely good and sound knowledge is given to the future beekeepers.
I find that there is no standard to work to as a mentor or bee Buddy if they are bloody useless then the beginner has got no chance of becoming good at this hobby. The Basic is a waste of time as I know of members in my association will never make a beekeeper but have passed the basic exam and then they think they can become a mentor or bee buddy. In my opinion there should be high standards set for all bee keepers than we would know that what is being taught is the best there is. Standards its all about standards
Now I'm orf to feed my bees.
Tatty bye (I have got myself wound up about standards).

New beek here!
I want to learn how to be a good beekeeper, and so have just finished my theory course run by the local association. £2 a night. Do not think they are in it for the money. The tutor is certainly teaching from the heart. Waiting for the practical now. Our tutor was concerned about the added numbers who had enrolled this year, but he coped. Due to the numbers, after we have all attended some sessions at his apiaries, he is going to "farm us out" - to people he trusts to pass on sound knowledge.

After this I can then hope to start gaining experience which will only come with time and practice ( and learn from my own mistakes). I am pleased that, at meetings, I have as yet not heard anybody put down due to lack of experience or expressing or asking off the wall ideas. All have had their opinion considered and a balanced reply given.

I am willing to learn from anybody, but am also able to think, and read and research and generally find the concensus of opinion, even if I do then decide to go with an off the wall idea, just because it fascinates me.

I enjoy the forum, a valuable resource for me. Thanks to all the "old timers" for giving me a hand along the way. It might be better not to knock their enthusiasm, nor that of the beginner.

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