2 queens in the same brood box!

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Jun 10, 2009
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I united 2 colonies a couple of weeks back. One which was a swarm i brought from another Beek and a nuc with a marked Queen. The Nuc I brought from the Beek had no brood or eggs and no sign of a queen. Easy solution I thought was to put the 2 colonies either end of the brood box with a frame feeder down the middle.Simple or so I thought, no problems eggs being laid either side of the brood box but not on the middle frames. On inspection tonight I spotted one unmarked queen and just past the other side of the middle frames my marked Queen. The Bees are of similar nature and breed although the queens are completly different one being a dark carnolian queen and the other a lighter coloured canolian italian strain. They had been living happy together siode by side for last couple of weeks without killing one another or swarming! I have now split the colonies up just in case. I was tempted to put on a super just to see what would happen. Two queens laying is better than one I suppose...lol

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