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    20130730 150452

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    20120525 163014

  3. summer


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    Happy New Year !

    Godt nytaar fra Danmark
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    Melting Wax

    i use a Juice Steamer Pot perfect for cleaning small amounts of wax Michael
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    New Pollen trap / Hive Management

    Hey ************** my ip is sometimes banned too. I use this site to bypass the ip ban Michael
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    Hi KISS - could it be .. Keep It Simple Stupid :) Michael
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    bright orange pollen

    maybe this site could help some of you michael
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    Bees in a skep

    a german site with film clips from a skep apiary the link shows the harvest otherwise search word is imker regards from denmark
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    Play cups? lets put this to bed.

    it's a drone cell. queen cells always point down!