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  1. Mellifera397

    Bees wanted Clapham

    Hello folks, I’m getting back to beekeeping and I am looking for an overwintered nuc on BS National frames. Would love to hear from anyone who has bees for sale or knows someone who does.
  2. Mellifera397

    Can London support more colonies?

    Hi all, I'm looking for advice from London based beekeepers. I live in the City (Tower Hill) and I want to get back into beekeeping (Some members may remember me from when I kept bees in the North West). Having joined LBKA, the advice seems to be against keeping bees in the City of London so...
  3. Mellifera397

    Hello Again - An Old User Returns

    Thankfully, yes. Now looking for new (or rather old) ways to fill my time!
  4. Mellifera397

    Hello Again - An Old User Returns

    Hello Pargyle! Good to see you're still about. Sorry to hear we've lost a few, I am sure the unique fabric of the Forum is less rich for it. I'm looking forward to the same old arguments haha. M
  5. Mellifera397

    Hello Again - An Old User Returns

    Hello All, From the looks of my profile I've not logged in since 2015! I thought I'd pop back over summer and keep my head in the beekeeping game. I'm bee-less due to university but if any people remember me from my former activity do say hi!
  6. Mellifera397

    Stimulative feeding?

    Thanks RAB and Finman for the responses on feeding. I will bear your practices and experience in mind. M
  7. Mellifera397

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Marked my first queen during my first inspection and did another inspection today. Both qright and strong. Pretty happy with them. M
  8. Mellifera397

    Stimulative feeding?

    Hello all, I hear often around this time of year about feeding 1:1 syrup in a frame feeder as 'stimulative feed'. I've never tried it myself, simply monitoring what the bees bring in themselves and feeding in cases of real need. What are your views and practices regarding 'stimulative feed' ...
  9. Mellifera397

    A swarm today

    You'll ne surprised how quickly a parent colony will return to business as usual after throwing a swarm. Only way to know for certain is to inspect. M
  10. Mellifera397


    I have used the club one while helping manage their hives. Personally i dont like them because: 1) 14x12 frames sre just too big and clumsy, especially when full of stores. 2) to inspect the hive you must stand to the side of the hive and twist your body which is irritating. 3) q.excluders...
  11. Mellifera397

    Dave Cushman's Site

    Do any of us know on what terms the site was passed on? I suspect that Dave Cushman gave RP the right to do with the site what he felt to be right. I don't think it helpful to rant about RP's approach. He has a different approach and whoever receives guardianship after him will have yet another...
  12. Mellifera397

    Dave Cushman's Site

    I personally think opinion from an experienced person adds to the page. Experiences are useful to the beginner as well as facts and figures. I'm sure that those learning about beekeeping will have the brains to consult several sources of information, other beekeepers, Books, websites and the...
  13. Mellifera397

    Loss of one hive baffles community

    Our school put an article in the local and apparently we keep up to 60,000 bumble bees in each hive. Well, obviously, I've found the odd intruder but 60,000? Really? M
  14. Mellifera397

    BBKA Magazine

    Look out for my article on the young beekeepers :) Its near the back M
  15. Mellifera397

    Alternative bee pubs...

    'The Hive' With a little sign... (It is cordially requested that men steer clear of this establishment during the winter months... On pain of death. Yours, Liz)
  16. Mellifera397

    Is this finally end of Varroa mite?

    Wise words. M
  17. Mellifera397

    Uniting large colonies.

    It's just the beekeeper who was with me got four stings after we had closed up the hive. I suspect that they will make mincemeat of us when we take off the supers. M
  18. Mellifera397

    £4 for a cappings tray anyone?

    While wandering the supermarket I found a pack of food containers for £4 (probably cheaper elsewhere) and saw that I could easily make a cappings tray from them. three top bars and a nail later I almost have a cappings tray, just need some mesh. Any suggestions for a cheap supply of SS mesh...
  19. Mellifera397

    Uniting large colonies.

    Is it not a little late for mating queens? M
  20. Mellifera397

    Uniting large colonies.

    Sounds like a plan :) M