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    Equipment Wanted Heather loosener

    I could supply you with a Norwegian Sjolis heather loosener, excellent condition will take British standard or Langstroth frames deep or shallow £2000 + VAT.
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    red diesel

    We have been making our own bio fuel for several years (although still buy some tailor made stuff) sourcing the used oil in bulk is the hardest part. On thinking about it I suppose getting hold of used veg oil in quantity could well be the stumbling block to making your own bio diesel...
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    red diesel

    Thanks for the info about trucks, is it only trucks or can Land Rovers be registered as agricultural and run on red as well. Must admit I do like the idea of making bio diesel, any thing to save a few quid interests me. Rob
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    red diesel

    Sorry I'm a bit late to this thread, but I use red in a unimog and as far as I know it's only legal to use it in agricultural tractors and other agricultural machinery. Unimogs are classed as tractors and when registered for agricultural use can legally use red diesel, however you must be...
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    Poly Lang 'mediums'?

    Well, all I can say it's the first time I've heard of a system of management that rationalizes on one box size as being messy. I would tend to look at it as the advantage gained by the additional bee space rather than lost by using two shallower boxes. Less chance of isolation starvation in...
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    weald farm

    All VAT registered businesses are required to issue a VAT receipt to VAT registered businesses that purchase goods or services from them when requested to do so. The minimum requirement, well to satisfy my accountant is the receipt should contain the businesses VAT No. trading name , a invoice...
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    Import of NZ bees into UK

    Thanks Rooftops an excellent synopsis of the Buckfast bee. Just a pity that the original poster who first mentioned the Buckfast bee in this thread couldn't come up with as an equally convincing explanation himself.
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    Import of NZ bees into UK

    Thanks Norton for the clarification.
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    Import of NZ bees into UK

    Originally Posted by johna like Br Adam bees - mongrels ,that over time revert to original parents due to the viability of genes - . Originally Posted by propolis Interesting. Have you any personal experience of this happening, or better still are you able to point me in the direction of any...
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    Import of NZ bees into UK

    Interesting. Have you any personal experience of this happening, or better still are you able to point me in the direction of any studies confirming this.
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    D F Morris

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    Oh and forgot to add, this particular import did not attract a tariff charge, but that can change with the country being imported from and the type of goods being imported
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    I recently brought in two pallets from the States so can give you an idea of the extra costs involved. I always ask for a quote from the company that includes the cost of delivery to the UK, of course they add that cost of shipping to the quote so you end up paying that in any case, but it does...
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    hive stands for sale

    The Bee Farmers Association has just over three hundred members, of those that are full time very few I would have thought.
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    Polyhive quality question

    As far as I am aware Paradise Honey sell two types of Langstroth Poly hives, their own design of lipped boxes with plastic inserts and a Langstroth poly hive with flat contact edges. The flat edged boxes should be compatible with Swienty and American Beemax poly boxes as well as wood Langstroth...
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    london Wing morphology

    Charming, really nice post. I for one find Mr Bachs posts informative, maybe Mr Bachs Mantra should be... "Yawn, I'll just go and waste five minutes and bait the arrogant b******s." Poly Hive wrote......I would love to believe it but Mr Bache will be along soon to poo poo it. I am...
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    Instrumental Insemination

    Insemination Equipment Hi, if your really interested in purchasing a professional insemination apparatus, I could supply you with a basic swienty apparatus @ £1000, a saving of over £500 on the current new price. I should think you would have to spend at least the same amount again to get the...
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    Interesting Article

    Alec Gale Hi, seems to be little in print regarding the late Alec Gale the originator of the Gale hive, however I have come across one book, A W Gale the man and the business by David Clements. Some interesting facts from the book. 1934 The worst year ever. Only ten tons of honey from nine...