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    Is this/am I normal?

    I often get stings or bite sites starting up again a week later, just like you said. It's very annoying. If you can resist scratching, the secondary reaction will go away quickly. But then I react to all stings and bites with a lovely blotchy swelling. So I try very hard not to get stung.
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    Newbie buying a suit-Which type?

    My BB Wear suit is my best friend because it makes me feel so secure. Really important as a beginner to know your suit will hold up. As others have said, wearing a cap keeps the fencing veil off the nose and gives an extra layer on the bonce. I also have a cheaper one from fleabay, as a back up...
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    Mouseguard - how & exactly when do you fit it?

    I put mine on at the weekend, lost loads of drawing pins and the bees were not too amused by the extended fiddling I was doing. I only ever remember It's difficult when it is too late. I'm definitely asking Santa for one of those magnetic drawing pin pushers this year.
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Autumn Spiced Caramelised Honey Chutney Thanks for sharing this, looks tasty and I've some marrows left to use.
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    Finally got the honey extracted.

    Those half pound jars are the way to go if you are only extracting one hive, I have sold all mine and am going to do the same next year. I got an additional 2 pounds of honey by putting the cappings in muslin and hanging the bundle over a little honey bucket for 24hrs in the kitchen. It's not...
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    Does anyone else just

    I did this until one day a bee zoomed straight out and stung me on the face. So I learnt a painful lesson, after a week of looking like an alien. I still sit and watch them unsuited, but from a distance with decent binoculars
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    Feeder fatalities

    It's not just a problem with second hand Miller feeders. I had a new one from P****s when I first started out and same thing happened. When I was in the P****s shop, I mentioned it and they said that they use Miller feeders on their hives but have made floats of ply that fit in the chambers.
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    Brace comb in eke

    Yup, this happened to me last year, despite it being the standard eke for use during the treatment. I am due to put the second treatment on this week so will see if the same thing has happened this year. I think the bought ekes are a bit too deep. Keep meaning to make my own thinner one. I took...
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    Ivy honey and how late you can leave it

    We've got ivy well out here in the south east and the bees are all over it. Have got the supers off and the Apiguard on now so I'm hoping they are stuffing it in the brood box to save me some sugar.
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    Filtering honey advice please

    I mentioned on another thread that I had a request from a friend for 'cappings honey'. My honey that drips off the cappings, through muslin and then a fine nylon sieve, is still fairly 'gritty' but fine for my use. Seems other people might also be appreciating that removing less might be better.
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    Toughest Glove Material

    A 'senior' bee keeper I know swears by this and keeps a precious piece of carbolic soap in a tin just for this purpose. I must remember to buy him a new bar from the internet.
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    unsticking the sticky stuff

    Cold water and a J-cloth with the shower hose in the bath. I find I just attract bees by doing it in the garden with the hose.
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    I have the BB suit and find it completely bee proof as long as you remember to press the internal velcro strips together firmly after you have zipped the hood. I however have a friend who uses a bit of duct tape over the zip pulls on a cheaper suit just to make sure.
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    Tips needed for dealing with cappings and granulated honey in damaged comb

    A friend of mine recently told me that her parents drive several miles to buy their honey from one specific keeper because she sells 'cappings honey'. Basically - just what you mentioned, a jar of cappings toppped up with honey at a grand price. They wanted to know if I had any. I didn't then...
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    Honey without an extractor

    Check out Hedgerow Pete's Videos Have you looked at Hedgerow Pete's videos? He has one on making a cheap 'dustbin' extractor, for someone who has a bit of ability to make. Great for extracting just one hive and if it is mainly for your own and family needs.
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    People wanting free honey

    Same thing for me, absolutely everyones asks. I just keep saying that there might not be much. I think the small jars idea is good, that way they all get to taste without giving too much away and can then buy a full jar if they want it. Must get some.
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    If you had to give me just one piece of advice........

    Start saving! It'll be alot more expensive that you thought it was going to be.
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    Where did you get stung first time?

    Be warned - I have been stung on the top of the head before, and the next day the glands on both sides of my neck came up and stayed like that for about a week. But I react quite badly to any type of sting or bite (but I'm not allergic), so you may be luckier.
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    Queen Marking by Crown of thorns

    I first watched a queen marking using a COT at an association hands-on apiary day for beginners. The apiary manager is very experienced but she was moving so fast that he managed to stab her right through. Lets say the mood of the beginners group went rather flat after that! Made me realise how...
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    Help bees dont like me.