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    this season's yield

    620 lbs this year compared with 1900 lbs last year The problem has been the weather - far too dry and cold The Lime flowered for one day and then the flowers shrivelled up and dropped off Last year the Lime trees were humming with insects Also warm weather in April resulting in rapid colony...

    Does anyone else feel like they are having a bad year so far

    I am having a bad year as well 15 artificial swarms done and in 10 cases the Q- part has failed to get a mated queen. I think its down to this persistant wind blowing the queens off course whilst mating Ive also collected 2 swarms with mated queens that have re swarmed about 6 weeks later...

    Beefarmers Membership

    Im in exactly the same boat The only benefit I get for my £50 is the bulletin (which will cost £20 extra for a hard copy - why so expensive?) I get no insurance no Beekeepers quarterly no use of BFA anti tamper labels and I can negotiate comparable prices for jars etc without using the bulk...

    Most popular jar size ?

    I sell 8oz and 1 lb jars mainly at the local farmers market I find that the 8 oz are a waste of time Todays market I sold 46 1lb jars and not a single 8 oz one. Im seriously thinking of moving to a 12 oz jar next year which will save on having to buy 2 size jars and labels

    Warming cabinet issue?


    SHB temp ban on imported bees from Italy

    Im worried too When it arrives it will change UK beekeeping forever

    Selling at market - bags?

    I use brown paper bags with handles. I get them from Bookers -cost about £5 for 100. They look like small takeaway bags Thin brown paper without handles arnt much for customers use I found, they want to be able to carry it easily.

    bee hoover heads up

    Does it come with a one mile cable so I can reach my apiary?

    BBKA or BFA

    I find it a big problem as I have to book my days off a year in advance

    BBKA or BFA

    Im a member of both. The problem I found is that the BFA meetings and events tend to be arranged on week days so if you have a full time job as I have it makes it difficult to attend, it then gives the impression that you arnt interested in getting involved

    Import of NZ bees into UK

    Im on the BBKA swarm register and am the nearest collector to Down Ampney, Ive only collected one swarm from that area all year. The Down Ampney bees arnt even there in the summer, they are only overwintered down there, they are transported up to Scotland early on in the season.

    Import of NZ bees into UK

    My apiaries are within 2 miles of the afore mentioned bees Never had any problems with bad tempered colonies/ disease/ excess swarms arriving etc

    Where do you sell your honey

    I was advised to get a level 2 hygiene certificate. You can to the course on line, takes about 2 hours followed by a multiple choice exam, if you pass you are sent a certificate that you print off, costs about £20

    Where do you sell your honey

    I sell most of my honey at a farmers market every Sunday. I charge £5 a pound or £3 for 8oz. I love doing the market, its great to talk of customers about bees and honey. I put a jar out for tasting along with broken up crackers, I also sell beeswax candles. I take a float of £40, thats 20 £1...

    soft set honey

    Shouldnt need to seed OSR honey - its already got a fine texture

    Syrup - how long does it last?

    Im thinking of buying syrup in bulk. I usually make my own from sugar and water but Ive decided to pay a bit extra and cut out the hassle. The smallest quantity I can get at an economic price is 600 litres which is a bit more than I think I need. If there is any left after the Autumn feeding...

    Frames - Seconds

    I saw someone loading a panel van up to the roof with hive parts.

    Frames - Seconds

    You could try Victor at Honey Bee Suppliers, Hook Norton, they make their own frames so might be able to supply. He's also a member of the BFA

    Bee Food

    I usually make my own syrup but due to increased numbers of colonies I think it might be more cost/time effective to buy it in. Im looking to buy 500 - 1000 litres Can anyone recommend a supplier and how much roughly does it cost when bought in bulk?

    Maisemore bees-online delayed delivery?

    Might explain why they sent me drone foundation As per my thread earlier today