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    Hive for sale

    Hi There No nationals left only Smiths Regards Mike
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    Hive for sale

    FYI VEG The price depends on how many you want. I admit I am slow to reply as running the number of hives that I do, does not leave a lot of time to answer. A PM can get a discount from me. They are all off to an auction soon so grab them while you can, I need the space. Regards Mike Auction...
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    Who is cheap for Thymol?

    Hi You could try bees and wasps http://************************/forum/showthread.php?t=3865 I have got it from him in the past Regards mike
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    Hive for sale

    Hi Guys I have a few more left and need the space, anyone interested PM me. Regards Mike
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    Home made pollen patties

    Hi All Is there no commercial set up in this country making pollen patties. It seems like all the internet searches bring up is US or Canadian companies. Regards Mike
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    hive wanted near Slough

    Hi If Kent is not too far to travel PM me regards Mike
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    Help. Woodpeckers?

    Yes I agree, Woodpeckers usually go for the handholds on hives and they always seem to manage to get through close to the brood. I cover my hives with old cherry nets, just as good as wire netting and take up less room than wire netting when they are taken off in the spring. Regards Mike
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    2010 Beginner Courses

    I too would be happy to list my course starting in late January 2010. It ia advertised on the BBKA and Beecraft websites. A few spaces left. This course is in Kent. PM me if you are intersted Regards Mike
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    Homemade skep?

    Actually, a day course can be a great day out. John Hamer at Blackhorse apiaries, Woking usually does a good one. I went a couple of years ago to one at Johns and completed a large skep which i routinely use when collecting swarms. He also had bees permanently in skeps at his teaching apiary...
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    Hive for sale

    Hi to you all Sorry I have not responded earlier, I have been selling hives like crazy, 38 in the last two weeks. So in response Hawklord they are selling, but things are seasonal like everything. Barbs85.... The move to new Langstroths went ok, do I regret the move over ... NO....would I do...
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    Hive for sale

    Hi All Christmas is nearly here, looking for another hive or two? PM me for Nationals and a few commercials left, Loads of Smith supers, make me an offer. Regards Mike
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    S E Essex

    Hi There PM me to chat about what you are after. I travel into Essex a lot as have family in Basildon. Regards Mike
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    commercial hives

    Mike has nationals, smiths and commercials for sale Can do a really good deal on supers for smiths Just PM for details. Regards Mike
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    Starting again with Langstroths

    Hi Subboteo Going over to Langstroth Is your best move. I changed over last year nearly 200 hives. Could not go to Poly because of cost. Best thing is to bring over a load in a container, I brought over a 20 foot container full of kit. Regards Mike
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    Hi I am based in and around the Faversham Kent area, running about 200+ hives. Would be glad to oblige if someone wanted a mentor, or I too prefer the term Bee Buddy. So if you are interested PM me. Regards Mike
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    Hive for sale

    Update No more 14 x 12's as now all sold. I still have Nationals, Commercials and a few Smiths left. Regards Mike
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    Hive for sale

    Hi Naughtydog Good luck to you mate, I hope you have got a good hive and have a successful year. Regards Mike
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    I would never by any frames with drawn out wax. You can sterilize the box but you cant sterilize the frames and wax.
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    Hive for sale

    Hi there Yes still have a few hives left for sale, but going fast PM me and we can arrange something. regards Mike
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    Hive for sale

    Hi just a quick update Commercials going well now that Cristmas is well and truly done. I guess bekeeping classes are under way as lots of enquiries from new beginners, thats great to see the interest. I still have some Nationals if anyone is interested, a few Smiths and Commercials and...