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    When is the right time?

    Varroa Treatment Here in Lincolnshire most of us are about finished now with our varroa treatment Suppers came off before that. I have been feeding my bees for a month now but I am about to put a supper on each for the Ivy. You should try lifting the back of the hive this should give you some...
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    Queen marking pens, less than half price

    Yes just ordered mine, See how they go, Now I will have to find HR.
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    What's the difference - between Frames?

    Frames sizes Hi Phil, DN 1 has no suitable spacing size and normally requires spacing clips at the top of the lugs. A well known store also have spacing strips that are nailed to the Brood box this allows for either 9, 10, 11, 12 frame spacing depending on which is purchased, But this...
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    Feeding Bees though the winter.

    Thks people I will have a go this weekend. I bet the misses will go bonkers when she see what I am doing with her pan.
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    Feeding Bees though the winter.

    Hi fellow friends, I wish to do my own sugar feed this winter. I have used Thornes fondant before, but this year I wish to make my own. Dose anybody have any recipes - mix quantities. I am going to put it in margarine tubs to set. I have tried it once and it did not set. Anybody help with this.
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    Angry/aggressive Bees

    angry bees Thank you for your advice. I don't recall seeing eny eggs. So this could meen they are unable to make a new queen. I am going to leave them for two weeks and then have another look. But I think these bees are for the chop in the end.
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    Angry/aggressive Bees

    Hi there I have no doubt every is busy bees at the moment. But I am a bit confused. A friend of mine has/had a real calm hive. But on Thursday we inspected the brood box and knocked of about a dozen queen cells. We could not find the original queen, but the hive was full of bees, we had one...