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    Frame pins - Bulk

    I have the same staple gun but haven't used it yet as I was worried that the pins are not galvanised or rustproofed in any way. Do you think rust could be an issue for the bees or are frame pins just rustproofed so they don't weaken over time?
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    Wax reuse

    Hi, just something I've been puzzling over... When bees tear down cells do they dispose of the wax or reuse it? If they reuse it then how come if you put old comb in the feeder for them to clean up, they only take the honey and pollen but don't reuse the wax?
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    Today's delivery.

    Hi PH, Maybe a silly question but as nationals are a standard size can you mix poly components with timber ones? Rob
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    Frames orientation

    As it probably doesn't matter to start with, then is it ok to change later? I'm moving a colony into a new hive and want to change from cold to warm, is that ok? Thanks Rob