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    Combining help please????

    Thanks and yes that is what i have done and the reason you may not have understood was because i was combining with two cheep ply nuc boxes with holes in the face as an entrance rather than the normal landing board stile entrance on the floor. Thanks again its good to have such experienced...
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    Combining help please????

    hi i was wondering as i want to do the same sort of thing would you block up the enterance on wich hive the queen right hive or the queenless one m
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    Bumble bee removal

    Cheers and thank you very much very helpful. The builder is desperate for it to be moved. i appricate your time. m
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    Bumble bee removal

    Hi Guys Just need some advise, dad and i have been doing alot of swarm removals and doing our best to educate the public and to make something of them. Its taken alot of Nuc boxes. We have coped very well with swarms under floors, in walls, in chimneys where ever u could imagin. We have been...
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    Free swarms

    Its probably been covered in general but to my mind its gone swarm mad here in the garden of england must have collected 10 between dad and myself and were at capasity now and making nuc boxes like mad. Just wondered if any oen thought it was more to do with new beeks bad management of feral...
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    Hive identifiction please chaps....

    Cheers guys I ment to add that i had put one of our wbc supers on to ilustrate the size difference. Yes we do have a couple of nice pretty WBC but the reason for the "rod for my back" is i wish to keep a couple of hives at home not just at our farm and my dads farmhouse garden and our neighbor...
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    Hive identifiction please chaps....

    My neighbour has offered me the use of an old hive (was given to him in the 50's when his grandad died) to me as I am in desperate need for rehiving prolific swarms. Can anyone help me with identiying the make of this hive, in order to get replacement parts? e.g. frame, brood boxes I have...
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    Just a bit of info please

    Hi just an idea but have you tried "dudley" on here he seems to do allot of that sort of stuff. ai suggest pM him and see if he replys. His i.d says he is in Kent i dont think thats far from West Susssex is it. M
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    Inexperienced Beeks starting out

    Hi i just thought this would sport a little debate, opinions welcome. I would class myself as relativly inexperienced but my father i would class as experienced we are both members of our local club altho my wife an i have just had our second child which hasnt left much time for my little...
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    How many generations of beek's in family ?

    I suppose you could call me second generation as dad started it in about 1990 i remember having a tiny bee suit, i could have only been 9 yrs old. After a little family upheavel and about 18 yrs im happy to say it is an intrest we have both taken the hobby up together again. It is an excuse to...