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    Bees wanted Skipton

    I have attended the beginners course run by Airedale BKA x2 in the past.Do I have to sit the course again to be offerred some bees?It was a pleasurable course(organised by Sue Chatfield),don't get me wrong,but I would rather not have to do the theory again.What I need now is bees so I can put...
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    Bees wanted Skipton

    I approached both Airedale and Wharfedale during the swarming season but neither were able to help.
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    Bees wanted Skipton

    can anyone help me to get started in beekeeping?ihave everything but bees!will be using wbc hives.i am in skipton north yorkshire.thanks
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    Bees in the North

    Bees up north I too live in the north of England and have struggled to get "local" bees.I live in Skipton North Yorkshire and neither of my local BKA could help me with a swarm over the summer months.Anyone got any ideas as to where I can get some bees for next year?