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    mould on cover board

    Thanks for the feedback. The hive is on an open mesh floor and I lifted the roof to feed them some fondant. I guess it is just a damp spot (so to speak)...
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    mould on cover board

    Hi all. I lifted the roof on the hive yesterday and could see some mould growth in one corner of the cover board. Is this a problem to worry about? And is there anything I should do about it? Thanks.
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    bees with disfigured wings

    Thanks everyone, this is all very helpful. There are not hundreds of bees but a few around the hive so it sounds like my best option is to leave them as they are and not cull the brood. I am on the second apiguard treatment (1 per two weeks) and I put a mesh floor in last week with a sliding...
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    bees with disfigured wings

    Can someone tell me the best way to apply oxalic acid? I heard it can be 'squirted' between the frames with a syringe. Is it possible to lift the frames up and spray it onto the bees with a mister spray? Would this be more accurate? All thoughts on this welcomed. Thanks.
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    bees with disfigured wings

    As I understand it then, best to cull the existing brood and treat with oxalic acid straightaway? Anything else I should do other than cross my fingers and hope for the best?
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    Hi Mike. I am looking for a mentor. I started two hives this year on an allotment in Dulwich; I am based in Kennington, work in Petts Wood and have family in Tunbridge Wells. No problem for me to travel to you. I know winter is fast arriving but I am sure there is always something to learn. Let...
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    Lots to do today . . .

    I have a big wicker type basket that I picked up in my travels and it is now full of bee-stuff and goes to and from the car to the hive every time I visit - very useful.. Good luck with the mouseguard..
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    bees with disfigured wings

    Can anyone help me? I have started keeping bees this year and last week when I put the second apistan in the hive there were quite a few bees crawling around with shrivelled up wings. What does this mean? I fed them sugar syrup about 3/4 weeks ago and noticed some bacterial mould type growth in...